Charity status

This page addresses general responsibilities in fundraising as well as specific responsibilities of fundraisers and donors, and states a requirement for the accountability of funds.


Newcastle East End FC achieved charity status in 2015 (No: 1161205).

Newcastle East End FC shall ensure that:

• All funds raised for a particular cause will be clearly stated;
• Fundraising activities will be charged a 20% fee on all monies raised;
• The trustees will act in the best interests of the charity and the football
club; and
• We will only claim valid Gift Aid on donations that reflect donors wishes.


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Just Giving – the club are finalising the process to establish a donations page on Just Giving. This page will  help raise funds for the whole club to benefit all our members and volunteers. Full details will be announced soon.


  • All fundraising monies must be banked with the club;
  • The club fundraising coordinator will oversee all activities;
  • The coordinator will report directly to the Trustees;
  • Fundraising must be on behalf of the club and add value to the club members;
  • Any proposal for fundraising must be agreed by the coordinator in advance;
  • Fundraising activities should endeavour to obtain Gift Aid where practical;
  • All monies raised must be collected online or in secure containers;
  • All monies raised will be recorded and signed for through the coordinator;
  • Each fundraising activity must have two (2) signatories to monitor all monies raised;
  • Receipts must be provided for any agreed expenses;
  • The club will, where requested, make any payments on behalf of the fundraising team on condition they have sufficient funds available; and the club will no longer allow any team or individual to hold, bank or store any funds raised on behalf of Newcastle East End FC or it’s members.


Under no circumstances should any coach, manager or parent approach any organisation direct to undertake fundraising. This must be authorised through the club first (Charlie / Bev) to ensure there is no conflict of interest or request already in place. If required we will then provide you with an official letter of authorization to comply with our registered status as a charity.

Please be aware that supermarkets may no longer accept requests for bag packing due to the implementation of the charges for bags. You need club approval to do bag packs.


Any team who wishes to do any fundraising event must use the official documentation. This is available from the Admin team or the Fundraising Coordinator (Paula). The documents available are:

  • An official Letter confirming you are fundraising under the club name
  • An official player / individual sponsorship form to include Gift Aid
  • Secure collection buckets, including any labeling if required


All enquiries for funding and/or grants etc must be made through the club funding officer, Paula Edwards.

We have an ongoing programme to apply for funding on behalf of the club and this is audited as part of our Charity club status. No other person is permitted to apply for any funding under the name of Newcastle East End FC and or any of its teams or members.

You can contact Paula by email: