Pay your subscriptions

Newcastle East End FC, like all clubs, rely on our members paying their monthly subscriptions on time each month.

This helps with the club administration and bills and also ensure your child can continue to play using our fantastic facilities. Now the City Council charges for ground maintenance have increased it is more important than ever we strive to collect the subs in a timely and effective manner.

ALL MEMBERS are required to pay by Standing Order or through a regular BACS payment direct to the club.

There are NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES for you to pay and you may collect the SO form from your manager if you did not get one at the point of registration.

Bank online?

Use the details on the form to set up a monthly payment plan of £16.00. For the payment reference, please use your child’s full name.

No online bank?

Simply complete the form and take it to your bank asap, you must ensure your first months payment is paid to the club admin team in cash and that your standing order form starts the following month.

Please ensure you have the funds in place to cover this payment or you may be charged by your bank if you have insufficient funds at the time the payment is requested.

Please note if your payment is not processed correctly for whatever reason we may need to contact you to ensure you do not miss out on your activity or club membership. We reserve the right to request any arrears or missed payments to be made in cash and we accept no responsibility or liability for any non payment where your bank has refused a payment due to insufficient funds and/or where fees have been charged to you by your bank.


As with all Direct Debits, it is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to meet the monthly payments. Should your membership cease for any reason you must notify your bank immediately to cancel the DD mandate, this is not the responsibility of Newcastle East End FC.