Thanks for the memories

A message from Dave Lattimer.

I have been at Newcastle East End FC for 14yrs and now feel this is the right time to move on. Although I work FT I do have my own business also, Quadrant Leisure and it this which I find is now taking up my spare time.

I have made some long lasting friendships in my time here, I have had various volunteer roles from Coach, assistant, Committee member roles include communications, club coordinator, charter standard coordinator and more recently club Secretary.

Watching both my kids grow up with this club and represent them on and off the field has been the biggest highlight, of many. Like everyone, I have had some lows but these are by far outweighed by the great laughs with coaches and parents along the way.

I started the girls section up here at the club, and this has been taken on and developed massively by Alan and Tosh.

My teams from mini-soccer through to the ‘fighting 17s’ all had great members, some top players and others who were just solid reliable lads. My girls teams were certainly an eye opener! but actually brought me a far better understanding of what being coach meant.

I have been involved in promotions, winning a league title and cup final, traveled to Berwick with the bare 11 players for a midweek game, had one sent off after 10mins and won with 10! Lost a cup final by a single goal – heartbreaking!

I have coached my two kids, Carl and Staci, not always advisable, but wouldn’t change a thing. I then moved on to help my son Carl, who played from aged 8 to 18 then returned to manage the ‘Famous Yellows’ where I stepped in to help and over the next three / four years they were just brilliant, on and off the pitch. The kids and parents were a family and we had some ‘unforgettable’ memories including Haggerston and taking over the Turbinia!

The work by the committee is mostly unseen, but it is never ending, the inclusion of the ‘Admin ladies’ was a great step forward. I must also include Les in this, his work is tireless and enthusiasm a credit to what he has helped create at the club.

But I must keep my final words for the two people who are East End, and will be friends for life. Kelly and Charlie have advised, supported and influenced these last 14 years. Without them my journey would never have achieved so much.

It is also out of respect for them and the club that if I do decide to move back in to grassroots football, it would only ever be with East End – that should say enough as to how I feel about those two guys and this club.

As always folks, support the club first, a team is nothing without a club like this behind them. the grass is not always greener on the other side – enjoy what you have at this club, there are not many like it!

Take care, enjoy your football, support the kids development on and off the pitch and stick together!

Dave Lattimer