Northumbria University Volunteers

Newcastle East End FC are solely operated by a huge team of volunteer coaches and support staff.

As a Community club we also now embrace a new opportunity with Northumbria University to offer the students a chance to gain valuable experience working in grassroots club from top to bottom. To this end we have formalised the process and now all students must sign up to the Northumbria University Volunteer programme before taking up positions at East End.

Our club secretary, Kelly Scott is coordinating the programme working closely with Sarah Stephenson, Sports services assistant at Northumbria University.

The club will agree to take these students on through to May 2016 and ensure these students work with various age groups and also get involved in admin etc.

Sarah explains the programme from the university side;

“Volunteer Northumbria is our ground breaking volunteer and internship programme that has proved to be the springboard for careers across sport. We offer a range of volunteering and paid internship opportunities within sport, as well as media, marketing and events. Being part of the programme enables students to gain real work experience; get one to one mentoring from professionals; and access training and developing opportunities.

“Alongside this it allows them to stand out and get more than just a degree and challenge themselves with new experiences. We are proud to work with local partners, charities, community clubs and National Governing Bodies, which allows us to offer more unique opportunities to our students, who last year gave 7750 hours back to the community through volunteering.”

Students in place

  • Lewis Fielding
  • Andrew Eschle
  • Alexander Grey

How to volunteer

Northumbria University students must apply through the University Sports Central Volunteer website.

If you are not a student at Northumbria and wish to volunteer at East End, please get in touch with Dave.

Northumbria University

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