Welfare & DBS

Report AbuseReporting concerns

Maintaining a positive and safe environment at our club is not just the responsibility of the committee.

Every player, parent, carer and member of staff has a role to play in maintaining high standards.

When incidents occur that cause you concern it is important that you know how you can have these dealt with.

  • In the first instance please feel free to speak to your child’s team manager or to any other member of staff. It may be that they are in the best position to deal with everyday questions and concerns
  • You may speak to any member of the committee who will deal with it personally, if appropriate, or will bring it to the attention of the rest of the committee
  • You may choose to put your concern or complaint in writing and address it to the club committee. We promise to give you a specific response as soon as possible
  • The Club Welfare Officer, has a responsibility to deal with more serious matters. Parents may choose to contact him directly using the contact details below
  • If you have a concern about the behaviour of members of an opposition club please do NOT take matters into your own hands, speak with your team manager who will inform the club secretary. Our clubs response will be coordinated by the committee not by any individual parent or team manager

Club Welfare Officer

Lead officer: Paula Edwards

Officers: Charlie Scott – Kelly Scott – Michael Bell – Linda Noble

Contact our club welfare officers

Please contact our welfare team in writing via email to: welfare@newcastleeastend.co.uk

*All communications shall be dealt with in strict confidence and in accordance with FA and County guidelines.

DBS – Primary Documentation

  • Passport
  • Bio Metric Residence Permit
  • Driving licence (photo card)
  • Birth Certificate

Table 2a: Trusted government documents

  • Current driving licence – old-style paper version
  • Current photo driving licence
  • Birth certificate – issued after time of birth
  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate
  • Adoption certificate
  • HM Forces ID card

For a full list of Financial documentation, please see the Government website here.

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